25L Tuesday

Happy Halloween, folks!

Haven Designs SLURL
First off… 25L Tuesday starts at midnight, and Haven Designs is in the lineup with a fun halloween themed outfit for you all.
Only 25L each, of course, with completely original texturework and handmade sculpts, this is an outfit you won’t find a similar copy of anywhere else!


Also, for those of you who turned in customer surveys to me this month, thank you SO MUCH!  Your input is extremely valuable, and helps me figure out what you want.  I loved reading the extra bits of info many of you put on your notecard responses.
Finally, the part you’ve all been waiting for!  Due to me expecting to be unavailable on October 30-31 (thanks to real life) I’ve done the raffle drawing today!  I wasn’t expecting the overwhelming number of survey respones I got, so I bumped the number of winners from one winner, to three winners!

Congratulations to the following three people!

Raven Curtis

Myth Silversmith

Temperance Venkman

One free fatpack is your prize!


Delora Starbrook


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