I will wear purple today.

I wear purple today.  If I could wear purple every day, I would.

I was relentlessly bullied throughout middle school and high school because of my sexual preferences, to the point of attempting suicide myself.  Thanks to the quick intervention of friends, family, and medical professionals, my life was saved, and through the help of therapy and a caring support network, I found hope and a reason to stick it out and make it to adulthood.
We need to help get the message across that there is hope.  It gets better.

Wear purple today if you can.  In Second Life, in Real Life.  Please.  Do it for the kids who are struggling with what I once struggled with.  Too many of them did not have the intervention I did, and too many are now only present in our thoughts and prayers.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.   I know there is, because I made it out alive.


Skin: Atomic – Grace.  Mocha. Simplicity.

Hair: Discord Designs – Amy. (cool brown.)

Shirt: Haven Designs – Wear Purple Shirt

Pants: Haven Designs – Kaimi – Chocolate

Bangles: Mayfly – Jangle Bangles (It gets Better – Wear purple)

Necklace: Stygian – Chain Link Necklace (Poison)

Pose: Glitterati


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