Wear Purple Day.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 is a very, very important day for me and for many others who have stepped up to try and make a difference.

After the recent suicides of several LGBT youth due to overwhelming bullying, Oct 20th has been declared “Wear Purple” day to raise awareness for this all too painful problem currently being ignored worldwide.

I was relentlessly bullied throughout middle school and high school because of my sexual preferences, to the point of attempting suicide myself.  Thanks to the quick intervention of friends, family, and medical professionals, my life was saved, and through the help of therapy and a caring support network, I found hope and a reason to stick it out and make it to adulthood.

We need to help get the message across that there is hope.  It gets better.


For those of you who are in need of something purple to help raise awareness, there is a free unisex t-shirt at my main store location.  Please come pick it up.  Put it on.  Blog it.  Show it off.  Help raise awareness.  No one should be forced to endure bullying.  No one should be forced into a position where the light isn’t visible at the end of the tunnel.

Haven Designs SLURL


Important Projects to help LGBT youth:

The Trevor Project

It Gets Better Project
Recent News:

Gay Teen Suicides Sparks Debate

Wear Purple for Gay Teens

The Stranger: Dan Savage speaks out.
Search google.  There’s tons more where this has come from.
Thank you.

Delora Starbrook


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