Fur and snakeskin and battered leather adorn these hot little ensembles… perfect for your barbarian/nomad/Gorean roleplay type of adventures!  Get yours today at Haven Designs!

Haven Designs SLURL

As usual, there’s a recolor with all proceeds going to Relay for Life, though this time around I was a lot more whimsical than usual.  How about some pink?

As a reminder:

Haven Designs Store Cards are being discontinued July 7th, 2010. Please use up your cards before then, or bring friends over to buy things on your credit, thank you!  All new releases starting today will no longer accept gift cards.  Refunds will not be given on store credit.
If you’re not sure if you have a gift card in your inventory, search for the following:  “30 day Giftcard” or “180 Day Giftcard” to see if you have any cards from Haven Designs.  If it’s one of ours, it’s likely in a folder named “*HD* Haven Designs (amount) Giftcard”
Gift giving will be available on or shortly after July 7 directly from the vendor boxes themselves, no more gift cards needed!

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