Bargain hunters, keep reading!
It’s been a while since we participated in 25L Tuesday, but this week we’re on the list, so make sure to stop by between midnight and 11:59pm SLT to pick up the fun little accessory I’ve put out for only 25L!  You will only be able to get it during this Tuesday’s event, then it will be going away forever.  So make sure to stop by Haven Designs!
This hand-held, custom sculpted daisy is the perfect thing for spring flower picking, photography opportunities, or to give away as a gift to a friend or loved one.  To make that sort of flower-giving possible, I have made the Happy Daisy TRANSFER.  So if you can think of anyone who may want a flower, pick up a copy to give to them too.   The holding pose is integrated into the flower, and will not affect normal operation of your AO poses beyond keeping your hands clasped prettily around spring’s bounty.
As always for 25L Tuesday, please remember to stop by the other stores on the list to see what they have to offer you!
1. Sweet Poison – bella Domela
2. FireStorm – cynful Deed/Talton Spiritor
3. ~Sa-eela~ –  Nenya Eun
4. smashin fashion – thorn restless
5. Carnal Sins – Rosaline Spiritor
6. Gor Gurls – Harriet Blaisdale
7. Painfully Divine – Nahtasha Uriza
8. BINA – Cymoril Lightfoot
9. Feral Designs  – Vanity Lotus
10. Roawenwood – Searlait Nitschke
11. Returned Karma – jada Tigerpaw
12. Whatz – Titania Halasy
13. EK Studio Project – Etor Kuhn
14. Forbidden Delights – Etor Kuhn/Titania Halasy
13. T R I D E N T – Rossana Llewellyn
14. Yellow Brick Road – Sorbet Fhang
15. J&B Designs – Baleigh Garden
16. On A Lark – Discovering Destiny
17. Haven Designs – Delora Starbrook
18. Brazen Bratz – Delicia Sorbet
19.**Angelwing** – angel6 Susanti
20. Sizzle Gear –  Abby Silversmith
21. Silk Worms – Trippy Fall
22. Soups On – Trixie Soup
23. SpellBound  – Kendall Dagger

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