Newness for a new month!

Qadesh, named after a middle-eastern Goddess of Ecstacy and Sexual Pleasure, is a spectacular set of silks released just in time for your Valentine’s Day plans. Delicately patterned brocade halter and panty, embellished with silver embroidery, sculpted armbands with silver hearts. Each set comes with both short and long versions of the flexi skirt. Available in six colors, as shown below. 600L per single color, or 3200L for the full set. These are not to be missed, you have to see to believe! Qadesh is for sale at both our main store location on our island, Sanctum, and our new satellite store at Analise on Talana Island.

qadesh-panelWe haven’t put any new male silks out in quite a long time. To remedy this, Haven Designs would like to present “Min.” A high quality, sculpted set of silks with draped fabric, with silver and leather accents.

Min is rip-scripted, for those naughty boys out there! 
Available at both main store locations, at Sanctum and Talana. 


And for you girly-types and freebie hunters out there: Due to Super Bowl Sunday, we are releasing our lucky silk a day early! So come and get it! A two-tone pink version of our newest release for women, Qadesh. Only available in the lucky chairs at our two store locations for a limited time!


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