I can’t really do anything except laugh, at this point. I’ve been a very strong disbeliever in the ‘all things happen for a reason’ statement for a long time. I believe that things happen, and people adapt to their situations and environments.

Yet, over the last few days, I have had a hard time shaking the feeling that the world is out to get me, or at least prevent me from doing the one thing I need to do the most: get a U-haul from Seattle to Tacoma, filled with my belongings. This was supposed to be done Thursday evening. I have just enough stuff to fill the smallest U-haul truck the company rents.

The hiccup in what seems to be a very easy thing to do: I have never learned how to drive a vehicle of any sort, and do not have my driver’s license.

So… Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

Thursday afternoon: A friend of mine has agreed to come help me load the U-haul and drive it down to Tacoma for me. He’s late. My stuff is ready to go, and I can’t even go and rent the U-haul until someone with a driver’s license shows up to take over for me. I call my friend a few times. No answer, no answer. Finally, once he does answer, he admits: “I was asleep.” No apology. He finally makes it up here, four hours later than when he promised, and we start loading the truck.

Thursday night: This friend of mine is tired. Still. After getting a nice long nap at my expense earlier. He informs me: “I can’t load anymore, and I certainly can’t drive your U-haul for you. Let me drive you down to your new place, you can crash there for the night.” I’m pissed, but I have no choice: I agree. Padlocking the U-haul to abandon it in a nearby parking lot, my friend gives me a ride down to my new house.

Friday morning/afternoon: After the Thursday night friend didn’t keep to his promises, I was loathe to call and ask him to help me again on Friday. Instead, I call another friend of mine, who is very prompt in agreeing to help. He sends a couple friends of his to pick me up from my new place, and we head off in their little car to go get my friend.

1:40pm. The little white car stops in the left turn lane, two blocks from my friend’s place in a different part of Tacoma. We’re waiting for the opportunity to turn and–


The car we’re in is rear-ended by a big red Cadillac. The guy in the Caddy didn’t hit the brakes- he hits us dead on at 40 miles an hour, shoving us out into the intersection a good 30 feet.

Both cars are totaled. Myself and the other people in the white car are taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital. Our driver’s having knee pain. Myself and the other passenger? We’re strapped to backboards with support collars on.

The driver of the Caddy is arrested the moment emergency vehicles arrive. He’s got no insurance, a suspended license, and several outstanding warrants.

Friday night: I’m released from the hospital with whiplash, and am completely zonked out on pain medication. The U-haul is STILL up in Seattle. I finally cave in; I call my dad and one of the few friends who lived nearby who was still in one piece.

We head up to Seattle to get the U-haul. Finally. There’s still a few things to load into it, no big deal. A couple heavy boxes with books and dishes. Maybe another 15 minutes worth of loading, with two sets of extra hands.

The elevator in the apartment building is broken.

At this point, all I can do is just sit down and laugh and cry at the same time as my dad and my friend haul boxes down the stairs from the third floor.

We get completely finished (stuff to Tacoma, U-haul back to Seattle, myself back to Tacoma) around 3:00am.

I’m safe and sound, now… but this has seriously been a bad, bad few days. Good thing things don’t all happen for a reason, or my U-haul would probably STILL be up in Seattle.

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