Hair Fair 2008

Sanctum Hair has been selected as one of the many fantastic designers that will be shown at Hair Fair this year.  I’ll be showing off some brand new releases at Hair Fair that I’ve been holding onto for this big event, so make sure to check out the demos on August 21st when they go up onto OnRez, and stop by my stall at Hair Fair when we open on the 22nd!

Official Press Release below.

August 22 – September 7, 2008

The 3rd annual Hair Fair will soon be under way! We are very pleased to have almost 90 participants this year, spreading across four sims.
The Hair Fair will be sponsored by Rezzable, who have donated the islands for this charity event.

Hair Fair donates proceeds to Locks of Love, an organization that donates wigs to children who suffer hair loss due to cancer, burns, and other conditions. This year, all designers at the fair will donate 50% of one style to the charity.
We will also have donation kiosks placed around the fair, where you can donate directly.

Landmarks to the event will be posted on our website, and to the Subscribe-o-Matic group as we near the event. We’ll have many events this year, including Bandana Day, the Fashion Show, quizzes, and the Flickr Contest. Joining the Subscribe-o-Matic will give you the benefit of being the first to hear about these!

Please head to in Hairspray to join the Subscribe-o-Matic group. There are also other Hair Fair Subscribe-o-Matics around grid. For a complete list of kiosk locations, go to .

Our Subscribe-o-Matic was generously donated by MSo Lambert. Thank you!


To find out more about events and news, please join our Subscribe-o-Matic group.

To learn more about the Locks of Love charity, please go to


ChairWoman – Paisley Poindexter
Participant Coordinator – Mikayla Kohl
Events Coordinator – Serendipity Nerd
Building Coordinator – Washu Zebrastripe
Charity Coordinator – Sasy Scarborough

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