Give a Gift Sales Event

This sale event is one that is brought on by necessity rather than just ‘for fun.’ Due to an emergency RL situation, I am being forced to move and my finances are not able to support the move right now.

So the low-down of this is: Buy a gift card. For yourself, or for someone else, and help keep me from becoming homeless (and unable to make you new, pretty things) in a month.

All store cards are marked down in price in the dispensers around my main store location.
L$450 for a L$500 value store card.
L$900 for a L$1000 value store card.
L$2000 for a L$ 2500 value store card.
L$4000 for a L$5000 value store card.

Any other donations are welcome toward my moving costs. There will be a donation jar located near the landing point of my store.

Thank you in advance for your charity and goodwill,
Delora Starbrook

P.S. A big thank-you to both Talyn Barrett of Analise and Grazia Horwitz of Second Style Magazine for both taking the time to mention this sale on their blogs. To those of you who have donated thus far… Thank you. Really. From the bottom of my heart.

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