How would you like to be in the spotlight? Here is your chance, with our Avatar of the Month Contest!

  • Anyone can enter, male or female
  • Prize: One 5000L gift card
  • Entry Deadline: August 31st, 2008
  • Theme: “Candy!

Send all entries to Delora Starbrook.

One entry per person per month.
Submissions shall be in 512X512 resolution with full permissions set.

Improperly sized images will be disqualified.

Blatantly pornographic images will be disqualified.

Photoshopping your image IS allowed, however please do not add any text to the picture. Text will disqualify the image for that month.

Avatar must be wearing a product from Haven Designs and/or Sanctum Hair

Image must be named as shown below:
<Month> Contest – <Avatar’s Name>
such as:
September Contest – Delora Starbrook

All submissions need to be received by the last day of the month for judging. The winner will be declared NO LATER than the 5th of each month.

ALL valid entries will be posted up in the main store, but the WINNER of each month’s contest will receive a special place for their image in the main store after judging is complete.


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