It took me a while. More than a little while. If anyone has ever said to you “prim hair, it’s easy!” … They were lying. I swear it.

I have been attempting to make hair for six months now. It has always turned out as this hideously ugly clump of torii on my head that… didn’t really look like hair.

Until now.

Three months ago, I renewed my efforts to ‘try my hand at hair’ and finally found a style I could work with about a month ago. And here are the results of all that experimentation and countless hours screaming over asset server lag, missing inventory, and rubberbanding prims while I was trying to build.

Introducing: Sanctum Hair.

A brand-new brand name from the same person who brought you Haven Designs. Don’t worry. Haven Designs is still alive and well. But… I figure if I’m doing something this drastically different, I may as well name it something different too.

Sanctum Hair.

The embodiment of fantasy. Decorated, luscious, flowing hairstyles for both men and women. All of them scripted, so at the touch of a button, your hair style will match your accessories and outfit for the occasion.

Come try on a demo. Sanctum Hair is currently located inside Haven Designs, until I get up off my lazy bum and re-build my sim.

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