Claire Camisks

For you, for me, for everyone… a little bit of simplicity.  Everyone knows how sexy it is when a girl wears a shirt open down the front and not much else, and this little scrap of fabric brings that together with the standard flexi-skirt of a camisk for a fun flair that will have people talking.  This camisk comes in 5 colors and is located on the new-release wall near the lucky chairs.  Priced at only 250L$ apiece, they are a steal!

Claire Brown Panel

Also, some bad news.  Everyone’s current limited-edition favorites, the Cherry Camisk and the pink Chalwar, have been removed from our lucky chair, never to be seen again.   Replacing these two items was not so easy, but I found the right things for the chair.  Selection one:  A pretty little gemmed headpeice in silver, and… a sheer, pink version of the Claire Camisk!  These are limited edition, so get them before they’re gone!

Lucky Chair Claire

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