Aradia GEN3 Release June 2008

This new release has been lovingly crafted by hand using sculpted gemstones and delicate primwork that rivals any other product currently on our shelves. It utilizes approximately 1000 delicate prim spread across 17 pieces to bring you a silk like no other.

If you are skinnier than this silk is sized out of the box, please contact Delora Starbrook for a custom fitting. Your body shape will be required for this fitting, so if your shape is no-transfer you will not be able to access this service. Fittings for this particular silk will be done free of charge if you are SMALLER than the silk can accomodate. Standard fitting services beyond this are unavailable.

–FAQ’s on the GEN3 System–

What is “GEN3?”

GEN3 is a state of the art, low-lag scripting system that allows for both texture change and colorchange, created by Madlax Stygian.

How the heck do I use this “GEN3” silk set?

GEN3 products from Haven Designs offer a selection of 6 different metal types and the whole host of colors (up to 125,000 of them) available from Stygian’s HUD system.

To do texture-changing: Touch the silk and select the metal color you’d like from the dropdown menu. Make sure you are wearing all the peices you would like to change, as this will change all of the peices on your body at the same time.

To do color-changing: You will need the special HUD (sold seperately) that allows you to change colors of this silk. The default color for all of Haven Designs’ GEN3 product is white. To acquire additional colors you will need to purchase the HUD, a Stygian Silks and Weaponry product.

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